A new lobby of the postal sector is born

Not only Italian Post in the Italian postal services sector. It has recently formed Assopostale, new association composed of small market players, which aims to lobby for the protection of the rights of private postal operators in Italy.

The association’s companies offer themselves as actors in an area until now monopolized by the Italian Post. The three founders are private operators Sail Post (City Post), Globe Postal Service (GPS) and Friend Post. GPS and Post Friend own the largest number of mailboxes spread across the country alternatives to those of the Italian Post Office, while Sail Post is the first private operator by number of postal agencies and post operative points in Italy. Assopostale also aims to attract other operators, to get an immediate extension throughout the national territory while awaiting the completion of other ordinary members. They may submit membership application in Assopostale all operators in possession of General Authorization or Individual Licence.

Among the association’s policy issues, on whose board consists of the president Valterio Castelli, Stephen Paniconi by Vice President and General Secretary Emanuel Bonanni, there is the restoration of a traditional postal service, efficiently and in step with the changing times , thanks to the liberalization of the market (in implementation of a recent European directive, each for which Italy is under observation by the EU) and the enhancement of the whole national territory in respect of citizens and the environment. The Assopostale operators are present in many of the territories in which the Italian Post Office is divesting. The theme of value creation on the territory, especially in the inland areas, will be an element of distinction and promotion of the new association.

Creating Assopostale fits into an industry framework in which the Italian Post Office, former monopoly of state, going through various difficulties at the local level, especially with the closure of post offices in many parts of the Italian suburbs, which have led to the presentation several parliamentary questions in recent months. And in the coming months even the leaders of the Italian Post will be renewed, like any other public company pursuant summits. And the CEO of Poste could be one of unconfirmed manager, after the story of the real estate fund Invest Real Security: situation to be monitored for new entrants in the sector.