• Affordable and hassle-free service!

    mail your postcard directly in-store: you can find postcards, stickers and mailbox all in one place!

  • Send your Postcards worldwide.

    It’easy with Friend Post!

  • Enjoy your holidays.

    Traditional postal service can be very inconvenient for a tourist, so we created our all-in-one service. Share your memories with your loved ones!


It’s possible to know the delivery result of the letter / postcard?

For the STICKER product, as it is an ECONOMY postal service, it is not possible to know the outcome of the delivery.

Delivery times for international consignments are:

Europe: 93% delivered in 5/7 working days

Mediterranean Basin: 89% delivered in 7/9 working days

North America: 87% delivered in 9/12 working days

Rest of the world: 84% delivered in 10/15 working days

Delivery times for national items are:

Four working days after the acceptance one for 91% of the items

Six working days after the acceptance one for 98% of the items.

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